Saturday Morning

Scrolling through my Instagram feed today, I’m seeing a lot of family beach trip, brunches with besties, perfectly staged (cute mug + fresh book + sunlight streaming in a window) morning “quiet time,” and couples strolling through the farmers market pictures.  But this is me… I’ve been up since 5:50am and I’m on my third load of laundry. I’m tackling a cleaning list with 17 … Continue reading Saturday Morning

April Showers Bring May…Showers?

We had unseasonably cold weather over the weekend. And it was raining to boot. After several days of being stuck inside due to weather, we decided to brave the patches of sun on Saturday morning and GET OUT OF THE HOUSE! My husband, my little, and I started the morning at the Market Square Farmers Market. I never feel more international than when I shop … Continue reading April Showers Bring May…Showers?

No Mom Left Behind: Make Mother’s Day Special for Every Mom Type

Mother’s Day is coming! Sunday, May 14 whether you’re ready or not. Honestly, I’m terrible at Mother’s Day. If my mom was a blog reader, she would deny this but that’s because she is my mom. Deep down, she knows it’s true. I fail miserably at gift-giving and haven’t seen my mom on Mother’s Day in 3 years…despite living just 45 minutes away. But I’m … Continue reading No Mom Left Behind: Make Mother’s Day Special for Every Mom Type

Saving for College: A 529 Plan Q&A

Student loan debt. Did your stomach just drop? Did your brow furrow with a sudden onset headache? Did you feel a shiver down your spine? If so, you probably have debt thanks to student loans you took out to attend college. The average student loan debt in Tennessee is just over $26,000 and if a student goes on to attend graduate school, the numbers will … Continue reading Saving for College: A 529 Plan Q&A

The Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge

There is so much pressure to fill our children’s lives with enrichment and development opportunities. Moms know that the investment in a child’s learning is critical and an essential part of parenthood, but unless you are a formal educator, you may find, like me, that you need a little help facilitating new learning experiences. Also, if your child is in daycare or school, it can be … Continue reading The Children’s Museum of Oak Ridge