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Learning to Let Go

This blog isn’t meant to be all about KonMari and decluttering; but it is the thing I’m doing right now so you’re going to hear a lot about it. KonMari is about letting go of what doesn’t bring joy. Everywhere I turn in this season of my life, I am confronted with the challenge of letting go. Sometimes letting go means releasing something bad that’s … Continue reading Learning to Let Go

KonMari Method: What It Is and Why We Are Doing It

Fall is my Spring. While most people get the bug to clean and organize in the Spring, I get it in the Fall. This time it’s made worse by reading Marie Kondo’s┬áThe Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I started the book on Friday night and was finished by Saturday afternoon. First of all, it’s an easy read even without illustrations. Second, I love organizing. I … Continue reading KonMari Method: What It Is and Why We Are Doing It

This is our first Spring/Summer in our new house and with a little bit of land to call our own, it’s our first year attempting a vegetable and fruit garden. Growing up, we had gardens off and on. Sometime’s really big gardens and sometimes just a vine tomato growing in one of the flower beds. I absolutely love gardens and well manicured lawns. Ours is … Continue reading