My January Bucket List

Something we started doing with the ‘Ber months last year (September, October, November, December)was created bucket lists for each month. It’s so easy to hustle through the season and realize only in January that you forgot to make time for some of your favorite activities or traditions. We are also in the season of our life as a family of four, with two littles, to … Continue reading My January Bucket List

10 Things to Do in Knoxville this Spring

When the weather starts to turn sunny and the temperature gauge inches higher with each passing week, I get the urge to be outdoors as often as possible. Perhaps it’s being shut in all Winter long or the prospect of being confined indoors with the air conditioning during our Southern Summers. Either way, I’m always looking for ways to get outside and Knoxville is just … Continue reading 10 Things to Do in Knoxville this Spring

Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit

Knoxville is a small city with big ideas. It’s scruffy and innovative. It’s green and growing. It’s friendly and quaint. It’s bustling and booming. There is so much to love about Knoxville but the thing I love the most about the slowly opening door from Knoxville to the outside world? The International Biscuit Festival.  No, seriously. It’s a festival to celebrate biscuitry and yes, it’s … Continue reading Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit