My January Bucket List

Something we started doing with the ‘Ber months last year (September, October, November, December)was created bucket lists for each month. It’s so easy to hustle through the season and realize only in January that you forgot to make time for some of your favorite activities or traditions.

We are also in the season of our life as a family of four, with two littles, to begin making our own traditions and we wanted to capture some of that for the future.

I didn’t want to see that happen in 2018 so my husband and I created bucket lists of the things we really wanted to do each month. For example, October’s list looked like this:

Now, we certainly did more than this in the month of October but theses were just some of the things we wanted to prioritize, plan for, or if need be, say no to other events in order to make it happen.

We made bucket lists for November and December (the latter being the longest, obvi). We didn’t get to every single item on our bucket lists and truthfully, accepting that truth created a stress-free approach to the holidays.

These bucket lists were so successful and fun to check off, I’ve decided to try it for each month of the year, starting with January. These bitter cold months don’t have to be characterized by cabin fever and waiting for Spring. There is so much to do!

Here are just a few things on my January bucket list:

What about you? What are some “must dos” in your house during the Winter months?

Photo by Ian Schneider on Unsplash

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