When You Love What You Have…

It’s the Monday Wednesday* after the Thanksgiving holiday and this blustery Winter wind has be feeling all the things. For those of us who have been secretly celebrating Christmas since sometime in September, now is that time when everyone else joins in the fun. I peeped that gigantic Christmas tree in Turkey Creek on our way back into town Sunday.

*I started it on Monday but it’s so hard to get going after a holiday.

We spent Thanksgiving with family in Alabama which we haven’t done in two years. It was so special and it felt like we were making important memories at every turn.

The whole trip was full of firsts for my family and favorites for me: eating at Taco Casa, driving through my MeeMaw’s old neighborhood (destroyed by the tornado in 2011), admiring my aunt’s gargantuan Christmas tree. I spent so much time in Alabama as a kid that there are memories on almost every street although a lot of the landscape looks different without trees (again, destroyed by the tornado in 2011).

Despite the nostalgia and the warm fuzzies, it was still good to come home. Knoxville has been our home for more than six years now and my husband and I were both raised nearby.

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here are a few of my favorite things about Knoxville:

We are a college town. I know some might argue this isn’t a plus but I just love it! I love driving through campus and I like how it keeps our city young and vibrant.

We are a short drive to the mountains. Seriously, most Knoxvillians don’t realize how fantastic it is to be so close to mountains and a national park. It shapes our recreational ventures and provides an instant retreat from the frenzy of city life.

We have four distinct seasons. Inevitably, people will argue that we skip a season because we have a cold snap in April or a heat wave in November, but the truth is that we do have four seasons in our corner of the country. I love each one when it arrives and I usually wish them away just before they are gone.

There are so many more that I could mention but it took all of my discipline to stop lounging in front of my Christmas tree to write up this post.

Share what you are thankful for about our city or whatever city you call home in the comments!


Photo by Frances Gunn on Unsplash

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