KonMari: Clothes

We ripped the band-aid and started tidying this week. I’ve been reading everything there is to read about the KonMari Method and nearly psyched myself out of it. But here we are, the first step – clothing – is done!

So, how did it go?

Great! We started out with clothes EVERYWHERE. We moved over a year ago and with “not nearly enough storage,” we had clothing in our closet, a dresser in the master bedroom, a dresser posing as a buffet in the dining room, and a little spilled over into my sons closet. Yikes. I know.

Here’s a view of our closet before hand (I didn’t take pictures of every drawer that held clothing):

A couple of notes about the closet and our general disorder. That box has been on the floor for a year. There are bags of hangers hidden under and behind these clothes. No, there is no door for our closet and it was like that when we bought the house (don’t get me started).

My husband went first pulling out everything and sorting through it all at once. We’re already pretty good at going through our clothing regularly so he didn’t have any trouble. The one question I kept getting was “what does it say about_____?”

This question was an attempt to get specific answers from “The Book” about clothing dilemmas. It’s similar to when people say things like “what does the Bible say about saving for retirement?” It doesn’t say anything! But there are principles. I just reminded my husband each time to ask himself “does this bring me joy?”

Then it was my turn. I confess, I was shocked at the sheer amount of clothing I own. Owned. When you bring it all out, it’s almost embarrassing.

Here are just a few things I learned from doing this myself:

Joy cannot be the only factor even for clothing. For example, I have work clothing that doesn’t bring me joy but I’m required to wear it and store it in my closet.

Folding is a nightmare. I know Marie Kondo emphasizes the importance of properly storing your clothes and often that means folding. But I hate folding. It’s time consuming and folding every T-shirt, sweater, and my underwear left me feeling anything but joy. I’m still wrestling with this one.

Keeping what brings you joy doesn’t always make sense. For example, I kept a pair of red heels because I LOVE them. I love how they make me feel when I wear them and they scream power in my ears when I wear them out. The problem is that I haven’t worn heels in almost 5 years much less my red heels. What would Marie Kondo say about that? Probably that I need to find some time or place to wear the heels since they bring me joy.

So here we are a few days into our tidying project and what do we have to show for it?

All of our clothing fits in our bedroom for starters. The box and the bags of hangers are gone. We’ve trimmed down our clothing and reorganized a bit how it’s displayed. With everything fitting neatly in our closet now, we can think about concealing it with a door or big, billowy curtains.

I’m happy. The hubby is happy. We’re excited to move on to step two, books.

If you’ve used the KonMari Method to tidy your home, tell me about it!

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