This is our first Spring/Summer in our new house and with a little bit of land to call our own, it’s our first year attempting a vegetable and fruit garden. Growing up, we had gardens off and on. Sometime’s really big gardens and sometimes just a vine tomato growing in one of the flower beds.

I absolutely love gardens and well manicured lawns. Ours is nothing remotely close to well-manicured but we are slowly starting to define little areas of nature in our backyard. I hope to share a few of those

I’ve been drawing my inspiration from two fantastic shows on Netflix (originally airing on British TV) right now, Love Your Garden and Big Dreams, Small Spaces.

Image result for love your garden

Love Your Garden is a kind of extreme garden makeover that surprises unsuspecting and deserving people with a professionally planned and executed garden. It’s emotional at times but never with the hype of these shows that American TV produces. The gardens are gorgeous and themed but never ridiculous.

Image result for big dreams small spaces

Big Dreams, Small Spaces is all about helping amateur gardeners achieve their dream gardens on budget. Both of these shows are hosted by expert horticulturalists so even though I may not copy any of the gardens I see on the shows, I’m learning so much about planting and plant maintenance.

We decided to start small with only those vegetables or fruit that we buy often. The hope of course is that we will end up saving a little money in the end. We planted strawberries, blueberries, onions (several types), tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers, zucchini, squash, sweet basil, coriander, thyme, and probably several things I cannot remember!

Photo Apr 17, 5 00 08 PM

So far the constant cycle of rain and sun have been kind to our little veggie patch. Some of the plants we started from seed have not done well but I’m still holding out hope. Household plants get names and personalities in my mind (one fiddle-leaf fig named Newton and a traditional fig named Figgy Azalea) and I’ve failed to name our outdoor plants. I hope I haven’t sabotaged all efforts from the get-go.

Photo Apr 08, 4 16 09 PM

I’ll report more later and share pictures of what I hope to be a delicious, bountiful harvest!

Now, tell me, what are you planting in your garden and what are you doing to coax them into harvest?

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