A Light Exists in Spring

A lot has happened since my last post and I want to feel really guilty about it. My internal voice is saying “wow, so embarrassing to have dropped off the grid like that, Amanda.” Normally, I would just nod and take the defeat which is what I have been doing for several weeks. Even when an idea for a blog post would spark in my brain, that little voice would say “why bother?”

So why did I bother today? Well, I’m not sure but it’s Spring and this season is all about hidden surprises that have been lying dormant all Winter waiting for the warm weather to return. Perhaps I’ve just been lying dormant all Winter and it’s ok to have a fresh beginning this Spring.

So when I say “a lot has happened,” I really do mean a lot.

For starters, our little family of three is about to become a little family of four. We found out I was pregnant in October and have been riding high on a cloud of hope and joy since then. (Also, I’ve been sick as a dog every day since Thanksgiving so there’s another reason or laying low.) We found out a few months ago that we are having a girl and she is due at the end of July. So much to look forward to!

Another new thing is that my three-year-old is now a four-year-old and if I don’t get socked in the gut everyday by the speed of these passing years, something is wrong. He is a little man with big words and a small voice. He still calls me mommy and loves to snuggle. He cannot wait to be a big brother.

We have settled into a new house and spend almost every warm day outdoors getting the garden ready and planting. Just yesterday we spotted the brilliant green tips of a new onion plant and the strawberries are coming along nicely.

In December we started a kitchen remodel adventure and finished late February. It will be some time before I write about it because it was traumatizing to say the least. We are thoroughly pleased with the final product but starting a kitchen renovation when you are in your first trimester…bad, bad, bad.

This post is really about nothing, and everything, just to bring everyone up to speed and to give myself permission to start anew. You’ll be hearing more from me (I promise)!

Featured photo by Zelda Gardner on Unsplash

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