Side Hustles, Lady Bosses, and The Girls Club

Scrolling through my Facebook, it’s pretty obvious that the moms I know have a lot going on. A LOT. Even with the laundry list of to-dos, more and more of my friends are starting a side hustle. Now, before you start thinking about Risky Business, a side hustle is not what it used to be. A side hustle can be as simple as a mom with a blog or a part-time job at Babies ‘R Us (just for the discount, of course). But the growing number of moms with a legitimate side business is a trend worth talking about. Growing up I remember there being only two real contenders for the side hustle: the Sharks (Avon) and Jets (Mary Kay) moms.

Now, my Facebook feed is full of invitations to online or in-home parties, Facebook groups, and Instagram plugs for Rodan + Fields, Young Living, Arbonne, AdvoCare, Chloe + Isabel, Creative Memories, Jamberry Nails, Lularoe, Noonday Collection, Norwex, Pampered Chef, Plexus, Scentsy, Thirty-one, Younique, Agnes & Dora, Vantel Pearls, and Usborne Books.

Although I’m overwhelmed with requests and question some of the marketing, I refuse to bash any of these companies because each one listed above represents a friend of mine, or rather a friend of mine represents each of those companies. Nope. I attend the occasional party and buy when I’m interested. I love to see the entrepreneurial spirit in my friends and family. What REALLY gets me excited are those friends of mine who’ve ventured out on their own to start a business or hone a craft. For some of these women, the side hustle has become the hustle and they are Knoxville’s lady bosses.

There’s no question, whether you are working a side hustle or are a full-force lady boss, you don’t need to fight for your spot in the boys club. Women have their own club and it’s not tea, books, and swapping recipes. If you want to be in the Boss Lady Club, you’ll want to know about a few things in K-town:


The Hive

Self described as “a modern bohemian venue,” The Hive is literally one of the coolest places in Knoxville. Stylistically, it’s spacious, flooded with natural light, and sprinkled with eye candy like botanicals and vibrant sofas. But The Hive is not a gallery. It’s a fluid work space that also hosts private events, community workshops, and local artists. If you need a locale for your product shoot, a venue to host a professional development workshop, or just want to expand your horizons with a tamale making class, this is the place!


Photo courtesy of The Hive


Meetups provides local listings for, well, meetups of specific demographics, interest groups, or networks. You can sign up for events centered around skill/talent development (i.e. WordPress), Makers (skilled crafts), and professional development (female leaders and lady bosses unite!). Some events are free and other require tickets but there’s something for everyone! Meetup is also a great way to find mom groups in your area.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Ignite Women’s Leadership Summit 

This is old school but so many local lady bosses have benefited from the networking and development opportunities. They host an annual summit as well as other meetups throughout the year. I know I said there were no books in the Boss Lady Club but this is the exception. The book club, Women In Readership (clever!), meets the fourth Thursday of the month, is open to anyone at any career level, and knocks out one book a month.

Photo by Alex Blăjan on Unsplash
Featured Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

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