Don’t Eat That

The title may have fooled you into thinking I was going to share a anecdote about my son eating potting soil or that earth worm on the patio. No, I’m saving that for later. This post is about me.

I was making dinner last night. <cheering> Please, stop. It’s the least I could do for the love of my family.  Grilled cheese and tomato soup. Yes, temps are in the upper 70’s by evening but it was on the menu. While my husband was unloading groceries, I realized we were out of butter. Egad, Brain! If you caught that, we had just picked up our groceries and forgotten something. Shocker. Before our son was born, this kind of mistake just meant a huff from my hubby and a quick trip to the closest grocery store. Now, it’s “what do we have that’s kinda like _______?” because ain’t nobody got time for dat.

So, I put on my domestic prowess tiara and searched the cupboards. I like to think I’m an inventive cook and a brave explorer of the untasted. After all, I’ve had some experience.

I once did a 21-day Daniel Fast.

This fast in based on the Old Testament account in Daniel 1:12. Only food grown from a seed to eat and water to drink are allowed. One word: beano.

I once did a 12-day juice fast.

When you read “juice,” don’t think “smoothie.” This fast is all about juice, organic and freshly squeezed. After day 3 when the fever and headaches go away (the slow death from sugar detox), you feel sluggish and cold. Although I did this for spiritual reasons, I made sure I was healthy enough to endure the full 12 days. I lost about 11lbs but don’t get excited, I gained it back in just 3 days.

I once did a 13-week advanced meal plan without gluten, sugar or non-organic food.

As part of a fitness challenge, this meal plan actually worked wonders alongside a healthy workout routine. I felt really great and it was the most sustainable nutrition plan I’ve ever been on. The big downside, it isn’t very fun. Let’s be honest, food is fun and bad food is even funner (not a word, don’t care). Although I dropped off this wagon after the fitness challenge, I still adhere to many of the things I learned on this plan.

I once did Whole30 with a friend.

A lot of people try Whole30 especially in January. It’s a great detox for the system. This is a great plan to partner with a healthy workout schedule because you get a ton of good protein and healthy fiber sources. The downside? You make promises to yourself that you’ll be super creative and your meals will be a thoroughfare to culinary delight. But if you weren’t before Whole30, you won’t be during it. It just boils down to hating coconut and thinking you’ll turn into a boiled egg if you eat just one more.

I once ate an AIP meal.

Notice I said one meal. The AIP (or autoimmune protocol) helps to reduce inflammation in the intestines and is often prescribed for those with autoimmune disorders such as Hashimotos disease or Lupus. I’ve had friends on the AIP and in an effort to make life a little easier, I’ve delivered meals. To make my life easier, I made a double portion and served the same AIP-friendly meal to my family. One and done. It wasn’t digusting or flavorless. It was simply too hard to maintain. Emoji hearts to all my AIP struggle champs out there!

So you’ll understand that when I realized we were out of butter, I immediately thought, coconut oil will be fine and it’s healthy too! With most of the above meal plans, coconut oil (and really all coconut products) become a lifeline for existence so you will forgive the immediate leap to alternative oil. I’ve used it as a primary cooking and baking oil for years now. Coconut oil has an abundance of benefits and uses. Surely it would suffice for a grilled cheese sandwich, the easiest of all warm meals.


Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.

I’ve tried a lot of crazy stuff in my life, and I’m sure I’ll try some of them again someday. But I’ll never make a grilled cheese sandwich without butter again.


Your turn! What have you substituted, tried, lived without, quit cold turkey, or scaled back on? What have you learned in the process?

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