My People

Last Fall we had family photos made (Thank you Scruffy City Media!). I’ve never enjoyed staged photos in a studio. I prefer to capture my family as we are – blurry, sweaty, disheveled, and usually eating. 

So who are these boys?

My husband Michael and I have been married for over 10 years (#winning) and we’ve been together for 16 years. Michael is an extrovert who loves to be outdoors. He is detail-oriented, organized, and obsessive. He’s my kind of handsome. We’re equal partners in our home and the care of our son. He puts up with a lot (from me) and believes in everyone. He’s a leader and as such, he does a lot of dirty jobs without complaint. I usually think he’s lucky to have me but truth be told, I struck gold with this one.

My son Elliott is exactly what I imagined a boy child would be. He’s wild, hysterical, sweaty, enthusiastic, and devious. But what I hoped and prayed for in him is also true. He is kind, sensitive, sympathetic, genuinely friendly, forgiving, and thoughtful. He’ll be 3 years old soon and although it seems like it’s gone by so fast, I am thankful that I’ve felt present for most of those 3 years. I jealous of his approach to life. The responsibility of his upbringing makes me shake in my boots but his love for me makes me brave. 

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